Saturday, 15 September 2012 05:59

Batch Testing

Although MnSteels tries to get feedbacks from our customers every step of the way, sometimes it is impossible to get usage data due to different reasons.

When MnSteels start to supply a new product, we'd like to collect information such as: material type (what goes through the crusher? We once have to increase the carbon composition to 1.40% to meet the working condition in a northern China gold mine), workload of the crushers, average service life or the expected service life of the crusher parts. After the test piece, results of the second batch is very important, this will help us to determine if the correct method, chemical composition are used. Crushing efficiency will help us to determine if a better design can be applied to the parts. All this information is carefully analyzed by our design team and customer service team, changes will be made if necessary.

When a product has passed batch testing phase, all design work will stop and MnSteels focus will then move onto quality control throughout the production of the product.