Saturday, 15 September 2012 05:59


During normal production phase, MnSteels uses computer assisted process management method. This method contains the following key ingredients: a team of onsite engineers that ensures all necessary tasks are performed correctly and by design, a team of QA personnel that performs required test, a computer program that keeps all records for all products produced. At MnSteels, each product carries a process sheet, plant staff is requested to follow the process sheet by the words, the engineer team on site helps to keep everything on track, they get involved in molding, metal melting, heat treatment and machining. QA personnel also carry a checklist to perform test and record test results. At the end of the production cycle, all key factors are recorded in the computer system. Vital information such as types of pattern used, types of sand used, melt time, chemical composition of each melt, pouring temperature, pouring time, cooling time, heat treatment figure, machining time, QA results etc. can be found within the system by searching the product identification number.

From time to time, the onsite engineer team will meet up with our design team; together they will analyze the records and evaluate current methods and techniques.

MnSteels keeps all records for several years and product records can be provided on request.

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