Friday, 07 September 2012 03:45

No2.Consistent Performence

The consistency of the castings is a problem that has ever existed due to the fact that there are hundreds of procedures, operations and conditions can affect the consistency of a given casting.

For austenitic manganese steel, dimensional accuracy is as important as consistency of the quality of the castings.  

Inaccurate dimensions of austenitic manganese steel liners will result in installation difficulties at least (in some cases, batches of products are returned due to installation issues); inaccurate/incorrect dimensions also effects the dynamic balance when the liner is being used, results in reduced efficiency and sometimes damage of the applicant itself.

MnSteels employees "die casting with sand layer" technique (explained in article "die casting with sand layer) for its cone crusher liner production, this technique uses unique steel pattern and steel flasks, this reduces human interventions greatly and gives good consistency in terms of mould dimensions, resin sand is used in this technique to achieve better surface finish. Part qualification is used for first piece inspection at the start of each production run, random sampling is applied throughout the production run. Every product goes through a full dimensional and visual inspection after machining.

Consistency of the quality of our products is accomplished by controlling the key quality checkpoints and reduces human involvement as much as possible.