Friday, 07 September 2012 03:45

No5.Die Casting with Sand Layer

Over years of research and experiments, MnSteels has now matured its "Die Casting with Sand Layer" technique for its cone crusher liner production.

As shown in the figure above, this technique employs an inner flask and an outer flask, both made from cast iron. Steel pattern, inner flask and outer flask are assembled together when molding, then filled with resin sand. After removing the pattern, a thin layer of resin sand is attached to the flasks and makes the desired mould cavity.

This technique offers the following benefits:


1. Steel pattern offers better surface finish and dimensional accuracy,

2. Inner and outer flasks are thick cast iron, they acts as chills, castings are cooled down very fast, for manganese steel, this means smaller grain size and result in better wear life.

3. Special designed precision positioning mechanism makes each mould cavity has the same dimensional accuracy to the next.

4. Time taken to make the mould is significantly reduced

5. Little repair is required for the mould and literally no maintenance work is needed for patterns.