Friday, 07 September 2012 03:45

No4.Manganese Steel Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a key process in manganese steel production, it strengthens austenitic manganese steel so that it can be used safely and reliably in a wide variety of engineering applications. Solution annealing and quenching, the standard treatment that produces normal tensile properties and the desired toughness, involves austenitizing followed quickly by water quenching.


MnSteels owns 6 electric heat treatment furnaces, 4 for cone crusher liners and 2 for jaw crusher liners and other manganese products. Heat treatment process is designed after carefully analyzing the key features of the products e.g. wall thickness, weight, shape. Etc. All furnaces are controlled using computer programs; the program controls the temperature and collects data from temperature sensors. The heat treatment time varies from 20 hours to 24 hours depending on the product; we have staff monitoring the process through the entire cycle. Argon sometimes is used to be released into the furnaces to avoid oxidize and decarburization if requested by customers.


MnSteels has some advantages in water quenching: water runs through our quenching pool (which has a volume of 144m³ - 6M X 6M X4M) and water temperature is always under 18 ℃ (65 ℉), with added pumps, we can ensure the best quenching results.