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The review of "Die casting with sand layer"

Update: The review of "Die casting with sand layer".

The review meeting was held in Hezhou on October 10th,2012. The 10 persons review team consists experts from casting, steel making, machinery etc. Professor Wei Li(Jinan University), Dr. Bingzhe Bai(Tsinghua University), Dr. Liejun Li(South China University of Technology), Dr. Xinping Mao(Zhujiang Steel Group) and Liang Song(China Foundry Association) were invited to be part of the review team.


The review of "die casting with sand layer" technique

After 2 years of researching and countless experiments and trials, GW has finally matured its "die casting with sand layer" technique for cone crusher plate production.


New Jaw Crusher Plate in production

30 days of development cycle including pattern making, MnSteels has now the capacity to produce jaw crusher plates that is just a little less than 5 tons.


MnSteels website online

After 3 months preparation, MnSteels new website is ready to go online.